About Us

ChessED stands for Chess Education and is an online chess academy that was started by two New York City-based National Masters (NM) to provide an enriching and entertaining online chess learning experience. Karan and Eric had been teaching chess through face-to-face private chess lessons and after-school programs all over New York and they decided to adapt their teaching methods to an online model once Covid-19 hit. After doing several online courses with groups of people they decided strictly offer their services through zoom, Lichess, and by leveraging modern presentation tools. The initial feedback was excellent and the student retention rate exemplary so they thought that they had hit the sweet spot and realized that online chess lessons can be even more effective than offline lessons. ChessED has its own curriculums with studies, assessments, and preset positions, which provides students more value for their time and money.

ChessED welcomes students of all ages and levels. The academy teaches kids who want to compete in the National Championship to recreational adults who have hit a plateau and/or want to improve their games and even seniors who just need a fun hobby. Karan and Eric empathize with students having different goals and cater a customized learning experience to them. ChessED provides private lessons as well as group lessons.

ChessED students can pick from a variety of courses and even book a private 1:1 lesson. Students only need to log in to zoom and learn forward and learn with interest. Our chess coach will do it all.