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ChessED is an online chess academy started by two chess masters from New York, Karan Bhatty and Eric Balck. Karan and Eric have been teaching chess for over a decade. ChessED has developed its own curriculums for kids and adults and offers individual & group lessons that are not just instructive but also interactive & engaging. Chess Lessons are delivered on zoom through an online chess platform and by leveraging presentation tools. We believe online chess lessons can deliver more value to our students than in-person lessons. Come experience this new world of chess!


Coach Karan Bhatty

Karan is a National Master (NM) who was trained by GM Leonid Yudasin, former World Championship contender & IM Sekhar Sahu, FIDE Senior trainer. Karan has coached numerous players and school teams in the US & in India and is the winner of many FIDE tournaments. He is a 5-time gold medalist at the Inter-University Chess Championship in India. Karan is also a competitive squash player. He was the 2009 U.S Skill Level Squash Champion. He has coached several juniors and school teams to National Squash titles. Karan is a graduate of the University of Oxford, where he received the prestigious Full Blue award, the highest sporting award at Oxbridge.

Coach Eric Balck

Eric is a National Master (NM) and professional chess instructor who lives in the New York City area. He rekindled an interest in chess when he moved to the City in 2012. Eric's decade-long coaching experience ranges from one-one lessons to traveling chess teams. Past employers include Success Academy, the Marshall Chess Club, ChessNYC, and numerous after-school programs in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. In addition to being a National Master, Eric is also a FIDE National Instructor and a USCF Senior Tournament Director. He holds an MFA in Dramatic Writing from New York University.

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Benefits of ChessED's Online Lessons


Whether you have a busy schedule or have physical limitations, ChessED’s chess lessons are tailor made for your specific requirements. Fit in a quick 60 mins lesson in your busy schedule or simply get to a computer or device right next to you for your online chess lesson


Imagine not having to get in an Uber or on the train and travel in the traffic to get to your coach! Sit back, learn from home and get quality lessons from ChessED’s experienced chess tutors


ChessED has done the work beforehand and our teaching positions are pre-fed into the chess platform so we don’t waste time manually clearing the board and setting up new positions. Hence, our students get more time and more content than in a typical face-to-face session


ChessED gives students access to studies that can help them go over the concepts covered during the lesson. Lesson recordings can also provide post consent from students (if it’s a group class). Studies can be treated as optional homework and supplements to the lesson.
Interact with people from all over the world


ChessED uses presentations in combination with the chessboard that helps students understand and retain concepts better. Also, the presentation tools make chess lessons more entertaining.

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What Our Clients Say

“Eric and Karan are wonderful teachers. The lessons are engaging and fun.”

Andrew Goffe (Chess Lessons Testimonials)


“As a 70-year-old beginner, I very much appreciate Eric and Karan’s style of teaching and training approach.  Before taking their class, the last time I had touched a chess piece was in high school where I learned to move the pieces but knew nothing about strategy or tactics.  The tactic trainer apps I had been using to improve my game frustrated me because they never explained WHY a certain move is the best choice.  The tremendous value of Eric and Karan’s Tactics Crash Course is that they DO explain the “whys”. They have a wonderful ability to clearly describe the methodical thinking process best used to solve tactical challenges. And they do it with patience, professionalism, and a bit of humor that makes each class fun as well as a highly instructive experience.  The class material is very well organized with each tactical theme building on the next.  In a short time, I have learned a lot about the “hows” – and even more importantly the “whys” – of creating winning tactical plans to achieve superior strategic positions.  Since starting their lessons, my chess knowledge has deepened, my game has improved, and most importantly to me, my enjoyment of the game has increased exponentially.”

John V. Cirolia (Chess Lessons Testimonials)

USCF Senior Member
New York City, New York

“Five years ago I had lessons with NM Karan in NYC. but we moved to LA and I gave up playing. I was thrilled to hear from him about ChessED Academy that he and Eric had set up. It now meant that no matter where we were I could have lessons online. Initially, I felt I was a beginner, but Karan and Eric are excellent at explaining the game and the tactics and I found I was able to quickly get back to where I was. The lads are both extremely experienced players and teachers. They are super patient and clear in their explanations. Their lessons are both informative and fun. I was lucky to be in their first online tactics class and most if not all of the students continued to the excellent second class of openings and endgames. I have learned so much. I now need to find the time to play more!”

Brian (Chess Lessons Testimonials)


“I grew up playing chess much like many of you, with knowing what the pieces do and some instinct to win. You get better as the years go on and become modestly good and a real force amongst your 5 friends. That’s pretty much where I capped out. After taking one class with ChessED my mind opened up like a fresh-cut cantaloupe. I was so excited about the next class! All of a sudden, so many things made sense. The rooks were no longer boring, Castling had a serious purpose, stalemates became a defense, just brilliant! I seriously learn so much in each lesson. The zoom classes are pain-free and the instructors are there and ready to greet you when you sign on. Having Eric and Karan teaches us is an honor. They treat us with respect (no matter our level) and explain things in a way that anyone can understand. Their manner is kind and professional and we have lots of laughs in each class. They answer all of our questions and explain in detail why something will or will not work. The classes are laser-focused and still manage to stay light-hearted. Great environment for all ages, all genders, all nationalities. I wish I could have these guys teach me other things, like how to cut a cantaloupe.
It’s a super gratifying class and I really couldn’t ask for better instructors.
I recommend ChessED Academy Wholeheartedly!”

Brock Flores (Chess Lessons Testimonials)

Intermediate Chess Player (a legend in my own household)

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