Intro to Chess


Class 1 Rooks and Bishops
Class 2 The Queen
Class 3 Pawns
Class 4 Knights
Class 5 The King, Check and Checkmate
Class 6 Fool’s mate and Scholar’s Mate
Class 7 The 12 Golden moves
Class 8 The Pin
Class 9 The Fork
Class 10 Analysis of a Famous Game

It is not an accident that Chess is the most popular board game in the world. It is a game so rich in complexity that nearly everyone lucky enough to discover it, will find joy in one of its many aspects. It has been opined that chess is at once a science, a sport, and an art.

Unfortunately, chess is also front-loaded with a good number of rules that beginners have to trudge through before they are able to play a full game. The process is tedious and many would-be students of the game are deterred and quit early on.

For this reason, we have broken our instruction down into a series of mini-games. We give students a few rules, for example, how the rook and bishop move, and we instruct them to play a game we have invented based on these select rules. The idea is that the real pleasures of chess- the problem solving, the thinking ahead, the combination of attack and defense- should not be delayed.

While these mini-games are not full chess, many of the tactical and strategic ideas that students will stumble across, or we will point out, are echoed in the complete game. By practicing different components separately, students will hopefully feel less overwhelmed when the components come together to form the full game.

Midway through the course students will be fully caught up with the rules. The mini-games will cease and the study of Chess Proper will begin.

Each class will begin with a short lecture. Students will play mini-games (or full games, later on). Lessons will conclude with analyzing the games with the instructor.

As part of the package, students will be given access to the course material (lectures and puzzles) in lichess, as well as homework puzzles for each class.

This is a GROUP COURSE with a maximum of 15 participants.
Each class will have 2 MASTERS present for the whole class.

COURSE DURATION: 10 weeks (1 lesson/week)
DELIVERY: Zoom + Lichess (Participants will need to create a free account)
COST: $200 for the full course. (Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, etc.)