All Team Members

Karan Bhatty

CEO & Senior Trainer

Karan is a National Master (NM) who has trained extensively with GM Leonid Yudasin, former World Championship contender & IM Sekhar Sahu, FIDE Senior trainer. Karan has coached numerous players and school teams in the US & in India and is the winner of many FIDE tournaments. He is a 5-time gold medalist at the Inter-University Chess Championship in India.…

Eric Balck

COO & Senior trainer

Eric is a National Master (NM) and professional chess instructor who lives in the New York City area. He rekindled an interest in chess when he moved to the City in 2012. Through study and regular tournament play at the Marshall Chess Club, he steadily increased his was rating from ‘B’ player to National Master in a few years. Eric’s coaching…