Courses for Children

Courses for Children

Started on January 1, 1970

Kids thrive in an engaging and fun setting. We teach several groups of kids who are from the same school or are known to each other. Together your children will learn, problem-solve, analyze and even sign up for tournaments, they so desire. Your child may perceive chess as a recreational activity or a competitive endeavor. We cater to all types of students. Several of our clients even ask us to travel with their kids for tournaments.

After-school program: Kids need to boost their extracurricular learnings and chess is one of the best activities out there. Learn the art of decision making, analytical thinking, pattern recognition, concentration, etc. Chess even highlights one’s profile and improves your chances of getting your kid into that dream university. Our afterschool chess programs are open to schools all over the US and the world.

Learn Chess from Scratch

Openings Crash Course

Middle Game Strategy Course

Endgame Course

Tactics Course

Simultaneous Exhibitions